Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I got a new computer! It's a red little racy thing named cherry. I know, I should have named it Hal or something else nerdish but what can I say. I just learned that there may be a hope in hell of me getting all my music back from my ipod back onto my computer too! I'm trying the trick right now and I'll tell you if it works.

In other news, there's really not a whole lot of news! I've been vacationing in Scotland and now I'm back and started an elective in a family doc's office this week. The doc is really fun, although it's a bit less independent than I'm used to. I guess this is what you get for setting up electives with people who aren't used to having clerks. It's only 2 weeks, so I can do anything for two weeks, especially with such a nice person!

Scotland was great. I bagged a Monro, went to high tea, went to see sheep dog trials, went and did the Elie chain walk and many other things I can't quite remember now! It was a full week!

Me on top of Schehallion!

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Milk & Two Sugars said...

Such a beautiful photo! Well done indeed for climbing that thing!