Monday, April 26, 2010

Ocup 1

The bike computer is found! It was in a box of granola bars we'd taken to the last race. Hoorah!

This weekend was the first o-cup race in Mansfield Ontario. It also marked my first sport category mountain bike race, which would have been much better if a girl hadn't fallen on me right at the start causing me a penalty of about 30 seconds to a minute as she couldn't get up. Anyway, I did ok (6 of 9) for my first one and learned some valuable lessons - I should eat before I start. I should try to drink something at some point on the course (point to be determined for next race). I should hold back a little on the first lap for the second. I should shoot the guy who adjusted my gears after replacing my drive train last week because I dropped my chain several times.

In other news, I spent a lot of the weekend worrying about a patient of mine who has just gone into hospital. She had bad back pain and he has cancer and then later she started having abdo pain and throwing up and I convinced her to go to the ER. When she came to our office with back pain I checked her for compression fractures and there were none and his symptoms seemed mechanical, but our usual pain meds weren't helping. I was lying in bed last night thinking, maybe she has kidney stones. I hope they do a CT on her. I'm not sure why I didn't think stones in the first place - I can't remember the exact character of the pain off the top of my head but she had been seen by two of my colleagues the week earlier and diagnosed with mechanical back pain and the pain started around the time that she was doing some heavy lifting to take care of a sick child. I wonder about diagnosis momentum. This is one of the biggest errors I've noticed in my practice so far. I need to go back to first principles when someone comes to me and they're not getting better. A valuable lesson.

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