Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When I see children dying and I read about children dying and the PAIN that their parents go through, I can't help but ask - how can people do it? Is it insanity that people want to bring a life into this world when there's a chance that life will be cut too short and cause them immeasurable pain? Or is it the promise that most people make it to adulthood alive that drives the need to reproduce? Or the opportunity to bring a new and wondrous life into the world?

I struggle with the fact that right now I have no desire to have a baby. I'm too worried. I am content to bring them into the world and hand them off to those more prepared.


Anonymous said...

I also struggle with this...and at this point have NO desire for children. BUT I think the logic falls apart because there are too many areas of life that it could be applied to and then you would end up not experiencing the full joys life has (which for some people include children). For example, maybe I shouldn't marry my amazing bf because I would get too attached and he might die before we are old and wrinkly and it would hurt too much. Or maybe I should drop out of medical school because seeing children die in general would be too much pain to handle. At some point, risk is part of it. But.....then again.......children are a freaky commitment!


Kathy said...

I'm a 29 year old who's seen her fare share of troubles. I've had three strokes. Yes, you heard me; they were real, live, paralyzed on one side of my body strokes. Then I got pregnant! My husband and I were overjoyed. We lost our daughter at five months gestation.

It's been a hard road. Between my handwriting, which gets shrinks down to nothing, and my exhaustion, which is always there, I can't work. But I desperately want a baby.

I'm having another one this May. Why? I want somebody to look at my life and know that it's not a waste. I want to watch them learn. I want to love them and squeeze them until they scream at me to stop.