Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I passed!

Whew. I passed the LMCC II! One more step (the CFPC exam) and I'll officially be a family doctor! I've been passively studying (reading journals, doing self learning modules) for a month now but need to ramp things up and start more active studying to prepare for this exam. The hardest thing is that I'm going to be away doing 2 months of rural practice during a large amount of the study period. Thankfully, there are some other family med residents who are also going to be there and hopefully we can form a study group. And helpful hints/study materials from those of you out there who have passed it?


Rach said...

I have no helpful hints or study materials, but I'll cheer you on all the way.

Liana said...


Hmm... advice for the CCFP.

You're starting a lot sooner than I am. I essentially worked my way through the 99 topics using a combination of Up to Date, Toronto Notes, and McMaster Modules. Also did a bunch of practice exams.

XE said...


If your rural placement is anything like where I'm from, all the attending FPs will be completely happy to help you and your fellow residents prepare. They'll be full of strategies to help you all succeed if you ask. :D

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Congratulations Medstudentitis! :D I'm so pleased for you