Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'm not sure why my mother in law visiting stresses me out so much, but here I am, a ball of stress. I'm wondering, will she notice that crack between the cooker and the counter that no broom can fit into and is full of crumbs? Probably. Will she say something? I hope not. Her room has been lovingly prepared and we are taking her to California for her 60th birthday. Our kitchen island is half put together and the kitchen's a bit of a state with boxes full of kitchen island parts but hopefully she won't mind. Our back and front yards have no grass because the drought killed them so now they are covered in compost and fledgling grass seed and look a bit like the mosh pit of an outdoor festival. Nothing seems to be "done". Hopefully she'll be satisfied with a room to sleep in and food in her tummy. That reminds me, I need to buy food. And wine for myself. How come I feel so chaotic!!!

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Milk and Two Sugars said...

We all want to impress out mothers-in-law, and the more immaculately they keep their houses, the less we'll feel our houses meet the 'standard'. I am blessed with having a messy MIL ;) which means I fret less when she visits, but I still fret. Also, the things you're describing don't sound at all bad to me - the kitchen reno is really more of a man's domain, the grass has been tended to and is a factor out of your control, and as to the crack at the side of the oven, I'd address it by telling her it's a real problem and asking if she has any advice.

I hope that your MIL is a generally supportive person rather than a critical one. And that your holiday is just wonderful xx