Friday, July 07, 2006


I got my grades for second semester today. Glad to report that I got honors for both the academic stuff and clinical skills. Looks like the twizzler-eating/studying marathon paid off. Woohoo. I'm 1/4 doctor! 'Aint that a scary thought.

I got back from Vancouver and the ob/gyn national meeting last Tuesday (time really does fly... it feels like yesterday). It was AWSOME. I got really interested in the surgical aspect of the specialty. I went to a talk on pediatric gynecology by Sari Kives of Sick Kids and it was absolutely great. Lots of discussion of congenital abnormalities of the mullarian system and which corrective surgeries/medical procedures work best and how to recognize the signs/symptoms in an ER situation. I also went to a talk on obstetrical emergencies in which there was a really interesting discussion on shoulder dystocia. They talked about all of the manouvers to deal with it and try to get through a successful delivery without any axillary nerve complications. They also talked about PPH and complications. There was also this AMAZING session on women's sexual desire and its association with biological factors. Rosemary Basson, the woman who taught it, is apparently a leader in the field of sexual desire and "desire disorders" which in her opinion aren't really disorders at all. She was SO captivating and imspiring. She opened up a can of whoop ass on the DSMIV definition of sexual desire/intimacy disorders. It was SO interesting. I hope we get to study her work later on when we do repro/gyne/uro stuff.

And other than that, hung out around Vancouver. Ate TONS of sushi and sashimi. Loved every minute of it. Saw my friend Amy from undergrad who I haven't seen in FOREVER and met her boyfriend Brian who is really nice. I lost 5 pounds which I promptly gained back when I got home. I think I'm going to have to go on an all sashimi diet again! (although in Ontario that would be quite a lot more expensive than in Vancouver).

Oh, and I got my first free dinner/night out from a drug company. I'm being wooed by evil big pharma already! All in the name of pregnancy vitamins and birth control.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I have no pictures to show, but I'm sure I'll be back there sometime soon. Ben has got to see Vancouver! It's wonderful!

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Nathan said...

Big pharma is awesome...they gave me my Washington Manual (that's a book for fleas, you know;) ) Now I'll always to remember to it was they were pushing. I actually tore their ad page out of the front. Thank goodness for spiral bindings.