Friday, August 04, 2006

The Dreaded Poster Presentation

So I have to make a poster presentation on my summer research next Thursday. Which means I have to finish my poster by the end of today to have my supervisor print it out on Tuesday because I'm going away for the long weekend. You'd think this would light a candle under my ass but so far today i've written my title, my purpose and read about 50000 blogs. It's 10 am and I've been here since 7:40. I also played around with my colour scheme for a while! I really must get down to business but I'm finding it hard. I'm like an actor - WHAT'S MY MOTIVATION, DAMMIT! On the positive side, I finished my model and put an idealized cornea on it and made it look kind of like an eyeball by playing with my colorscheme and making the cornea transparent:

I'm all undecided about this weekend. We had a huge storm and it took down a bunch of power lines between here and our cottage. So, my Mom who went up on Thursday took refuge at her family cottage where my grandma and my uncle's family are. We were supposed to have a huge family gathering this weekend with my brother and my sister and their spouses and my nephew and we were gonna have a dinner on the beach and go golfing and do other fun stuff. Now we've all been told that only people without dogs can come to my grandma's cottage. That basically means that only Ben and I can go because both my brother and my sister have a dog. What's the fun of going up now? My cousins are um... young. And it's going to be crowded and there probably won't be a double bed for Ben and I so we're going to have to either sleep together in a single or sleep apart. I'm wondering if we should just stay in the city and go biking.

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