Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day

26 doesn't feel all that different from 25, but, I had a really nice sushi dinner with my friends last night and got some awesome gifts from my girls and Ben. The nice thing about having your birthday on facebook is that you get happy birthdays from the most random people - but it's nice.

I hope that everyone who reads this and lives in Ontario has gone to vote or is planning on voting today - I already have. Yes to MMP and a big "F You" to John Tory.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I'm gonna go vote today! (First provincial election that I'm allowed to vote in, hurray!)

(And I'm totally with you on MMP and on keeping John Tory as far away from power as possible!)

Calavers said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm not on Facebook anymore - I deactivated my account some time ago - but yes, you're right, the birthday posts on your wall are always quite nice, though some are a little generic.

Oh, and sushi rocks!

Calavers said...

Oh and now I'm off to Google John Tory because the politics buff inside me really wants to know who he is and why no one wants to vote for him, poor guy.

medstudentitis said...

Nobody likes John Tory because he's a Tory!!!!