Friday, October 05, 2007

Two weeks ago in family clinic we referred an elderly lady to the ER with suspicious pain and an existing condition that made us think she needed urgent care. She went there and they couldn't find anything but admitted her for observation - on the way to the floor she coded and died. She had lots of plans for the future with her husband and had a loving child who lived in another city and was on his way to see her. He didn't make it on time. It really does make you think that life is too short. Now her husband and child have some big decisions to make - will he move to another city to be with family or will he stay with his friends here. Will he follow her in short order as so many do?


Calavera said...

That really is just so tragic. Kinda makes you realise how lucky you are.


Harry said...

That is so sad, I'd hate to have to see something like that even if it inevitable.