Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work OUT

My sister has started a new workout routine. As I am trying to get in shape for the mountain biking season, I joined in. Yesterday we did the video the "30 day shred" level 2. Then I died a small death and then today we went jogging! My favorite! Erm, now I can't sit down, or get up, I can only stand. My only solice is that my sister hurts like I do. And that I can justify having some ice cream.

I delivered a baby today! Our second delivery of the week (our first was vaccuum so I didn't do it). I love delivering babies. It always makes me emotional.

Hopefully more will happen this week and then we'll have a nice weekend. I'm catching up with an old friend on Friday for coffee and I'm looking forward to that. Plus, he's a massage therapist, maybe he'll give me a discount :)

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Amy said...

did Jillian scream at you like she does at the peeps on Biggest Loser. Brian HATES her. I on the other hand love her and want her to train me and get rid of these last 5 or 10 pound that are stubbornly hanging on (though... those are probably the result of eating burgers after our 3 hour runs.... burn it to earn it is my philosophy... hey! I like that burn it to earn it...) anyhoodle. So YAY workingout again and YAY babies!