Thursday, August 13, 2009

well, i'm half way through my psych month and what have i learned? psych is 90% depressing and 10% somewhat uplifting... I haven't seen the 10% yet but I'm holding out. The only call I've done this month is OB call that I snuck in to my schedule. Psych doesn't seem to care whether I do call or not... and I'd rather not. I got enough emerg psych on emerg and I'm sure I will when I'm on my emerg rotation in a few months here.

Wedding plans are going well. Things seem to be coming together. Our catering meeting is tomorrow and I'm going with my Mum because B has to work. I think we're going chicken and salmon, corn on the cob, salads. Why are weddings so expensive? I'm going to my "bachelorette" on Saturday - 3 of us having a nice dinner and sleeping in a hotel. Nothing too fancy or out of control, just the way my type A personality likes it. I had my wedding dress fitting the other day and I felt really pretty in it. Looking forward to the day (30 days until the big 12th of September and counting). I had a lovely wedding shower the other week and now there are Sophie Conran boxes stacked all over our apartment. I'm going to have to start buying a lot of hats or something to store in all these hat shaped boxes!

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Dr. K said...

I didn't realise that the wedding was so close! How exciting for you. Have fun in the final days leading up to it. :)