Tuesday, March 09, 2010

back outside

Ah... this "false spring" that we're having is amazing! 2 days in a row of outdoor riding and saying a (if only temporary) goodbye to the rollers and staring at the wall. I even bumped up my average a little from yesterday to today. Plus! I found a type of bike food that I like!

I tried the cliff shot blocks and hated them (too salty and they hurt my teeth and they were too big for my mouth) and then I hit the holy grail - Gu Chomps! Cranberry apple flavour - very good. I'm still holding out to try the jelly belly sport beans (they were out when I went and bought my variety of things to try) and Luna chews. I'm definitely not into the gels and tablets. yucky texture.

I'm on ortho/rheumatology now and I really have very little to say about it. It's fine but I'm not sure I"ll miss it when I'm done. The people are super nice so that's a bonus.

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XE said...

I'm spending every moment I can outdoors! It's amazingly awesome right now.