Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I know it's a silly thing to say, but I'm nervous about my holiday. Husband and I are going to Italy and we're landing in Rome and driving 6 hours south to see/stay with my father in law and his partner. I've been getting maps and directions and phrase books and trying to figure out where we're going and how best to do it. It doesn't help that the directions I got from my father in law say that he lives on an "unknown road" and the last few directions on the google map have no street names. I know that people went on vacation and made it without GPS units and fancy gadgets for decades and I'm sure it will all be fine, but I'm a worry wart and this apprehension is make me hard to live with. I think my husband wants to kill me.


XE said...

Oooh, Italy! It'll be fun, really. Even if you get horribly lost, you WILL eventually get where you need to be.

I'm so jealous, have an amazing time and take loads of photos!

SINA said...

ohhhh ... I can't wait for my holz !I guess past 12 weeks were nightmare for me !

Liana said...

Have fun! :)