Friday, May 28, 2010

First year almost over

So, first year of residency is almost over. Someone the other day asked me what I was going to do in July... he thought I was done my two years already. That made me wonder - what am I going to do next July? Things are up in the air with the husband's job and whether he will be able to move to the town where I'm doing my residency. Right now we live about 1.5 hours apart and only see each other on weekends. It's a good thing, because my one bedroom apartment is waaay too small for both of us. We are constantly tripping over each other on weekends and now that we have 5 bikes between us, storage is becoming increasingly difficult. So, if he's making the move here, I think I'll have to make the move into a bigger place... I think a 2 bedroom is ideal for us. A bedroom and a bike room! We also still need to be on a ground floor because taking the bikes up and down stairs is very inconvenient!

Anyway, I know that I want to do OB as a part of my family practice and I know that I want to be in an office with a more experienced doc or a group of more experienced docs to bounce things off of. I have lots of patients in my resident practice who will want to follow me and some I would rather didn't!

I signed up for the LMCCII the other day - SO EXPENSIVE. I never knew it would cost me 1850 dollars. Good thing I got in on time because the late fees are ridiculous as well. If anyone has any tips - I have no idea what to expect.


XE said...

Woah - thanks for the heads up on LMCCII pricing... I'll remember to budget for that when the time comes. Holy moly that's a lot of cash, considering that the regular LMCC is only like $100.

I can't believe you're halfway through residency already! That's so awesome. Wherever you choose to practice, I hope the place takes med students ;-)

Liana said...

If you can I'd highly recommend locuming in a practice you know from residency.

Or you could move to Alberta and join my ob group/family practice.... we'd love to have you.

Resident said...

Gah! Thanks for the reminder! Off to go blow $1850!

Aaron.Johnston said...

LMCC II tips.
Don't stress too much, family med gives you a broad enough perspective that you have the knowledge base already.
Feel sorry for your specialty colleagues who haven't seen entire patient groups since clerkship and now have to demonstrate proficiency with those same patients.
As an examiner on this exam the main thing I have failed people for is doing something unsafe. You can do a mediocre job on a station and pass. You can do a good job on a station and one terribly unsafe thing and fail, so don't be a cowboy, caution is important.
Finally, again, don't stress too much about it...
Dr. J