Monday, August 29, 2011

future plans

It's very hard to plan your future when your spouse keeps applying for jobs in different cities. Maybe I'm destined to locum. I hope I can find a family/OB locum if I need to locum because it would be a shame to lose my skills.

The OB quotient of my fellowship hasn't picked up at all over the last few weeks. My only 2 deliveries were actually with the OB on call because I stayed in the hospital on Friday instead of going to the office. The family medicine part has been good, but I feel a bit like been there done that and having someone still supervise me although I'm fully licensed is a bit annoying. We have a few people due over the next couple of weeks so hopefully things will pick up!

Some people have anxiety when they're over worked, but honestly I'm made anxious by under-working. I've tried to use my time wisely but often end up sleeping too much and learning too little. I'm planning a few conferences over the next month to try and up the learning factor.


XE said...

Oh, that's tough not knowing where you'll end up. There's a maternity centre run by all family docs here, and surely there are similar setups elsewhere in Canada? Hope you find something perfect.

With all your free time you could come be one of the family medicine residents at our FMIG event next week! ;-P

Liana said...

Good thing is that you're portable. There are very few communities where you wouldn't be able to get a job easily... let me know if you ever come to Calgary.

medical assistant schools Brooklyn, New York said...

It happens sometimes in every one's life. We tend to be busy with loads of work and sometimes no work at all. Nice. Do keep posting. Stay in touch.