Wednesday, August 24, 2011

over training or under stretching

I am suffering from either biceps femoris tendonitis or IT band syndrome. I have odd bruising and pain at my fibular head and aching on the lateral knee precipitated it seems by road riding more than mtbing but lately all riding brings it on. I realized today with my foam roller that my IT band is very tender along its length but my hammies are also tight. Looks like I need to do some major stretching and foam rollering. Good thing I have a supply of topical NSAIDs and ice packs.


XE said...

Ooooh, oh my gosh one of the rheumatologists taught our tutorial group all of this just a couple of hours ago! How coincidental! Hope you feel better soon.

XE said...

Ooooh you should do Obers test on yourself!

medstudentitis said...

I have a positive Ober's test :( my leg hardly moves.