Monday, October 10, 2011

new rotation

Just started a new rotation in a small town just outside of the bigish city where I now life. Things I have learned so far:
1) crystal meth is much more prevalent in small town Ontario than I thought
2) I need to re-certify my NRP (neonatal resuscitation). If you don't use it, you definitely lose it. Most of the places where I've trained there are NICU nurses that come to resus. situations and do all the work. Hence, I have lost all skills. These are skills I really think I need to have given that I will probably work somewhere where if they have peds, peds will be on home call. Need to learn how to depend on self.
3) I love delivering babies. I did 2 deliveries this week that were uncomplicated, which my last 10 or so haven't been, this was a real blessing and reminded me how much I love birth and being part of someone's birth experience.
4) Getting a good real job might be harder than I thought. The first place I went and met with didn't seem like a great fit and they already have someone starting and someone filling their locum. I have another interview on Thursday which seems promising. I felt out the HR person in the town where I'm now placed and they have no more waiting list so aren't looking for any doctors at this time. It seems like some places are desperate and others are over-supplied. I think it often has to do with whether the city/town has a residency program and is supportive of new grads - those positions seem like they're in high demand. Plus, if you're a resident coming from there, you're a known quantity and are more likely to be hired. I guess we'll see how things go on Thursday
5) after 2 days of being 30, it doesn't seem so bad. We'll see how being a grown up goes.


Solitary Diner said...

Good luck with the job hunt. Hopefully it won't take long to find a community that will meet all of your essential requirements.

Anonymous said...

Makes me sad to know you're talking about my small town (and the crystal meth). On the plus side, no more wait list. Although my parents were on that list and still don't have a doctor???