Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On Call all the time...

I am entering my second week of 24/7 call for my colleague who is away's large OB practice. There are 9 patients due while he is away for 3 weeks. I average 3-4 per month, so 9 is a lot! I have a few things to say about being on call all the time - even if you don't have to go in, it affects your sleep, your exercise, your relationships, your life. It makes you preoccupied all the time and question every walk, where you go/if you go out for dinner, every sip of wine. I don't know how he does it. The guy I'm covering for has a very different situation from mine and due to home circumstances doesn't go out much. He is always available. He does almost all of the c-sections assists at this hospital and he only works 4 afternoons in clinic a week. Contrast this with my life - training for cycling season, like to go out with my hubby, working 5 days a week in clinic. I'm not sure 9 deliveries will ever be for me unless I have more flexibility like he does. This famly day I had a delivery that took way longer than it should have with a baby that kept flip flopping from transverse to vertex after her water broke and a bleeding 24 weeker barely viable with a placenta previa on one u/s and a placenta 2.5cm from the os on another u/s. I have a full day of office today. I'm exhausted. I can expect at least 2-3 more deliveries this week. Hopefully I don't have to do any inductions for post-dates.

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