Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ouch and Yay

Not every birth is beautiful. Most are, but some are hair raising and anxiety provoking and it takes a while to see the beauty. Then, there are some births that are just amazing right from the start. Today I saw one of those. Natural, 2 cm to fully dilated in 45 minutes, 3 pushes, healthy baby. Extraordinarily, it was a 39 year old mother who had been told that she had a very high chance of her baby having Down's Syndrome or another genetic anomaly and who had spent the last 2 weeks coming into my office telling me that she had a bad feeling about this pregnancy and that the baby wanted to come out. It all turned out wonderfully in the end. Phew.

Now on to the ouch. After my race I discovered that the little finger and half of the ring finger of my right hand are numb. It's called a handlebar palsy and is quite common for cyclists. Unfortunately, it hasn't improved much over the past week and it's very uncomfortable to do thinks like wash my hair because something about the texture of hair on my numb fingers is very painful. I really hope this gets better soon because I feel I can't ride my bike until it has resolved to avoid further injury. It's a bummer. I really don't enjoy running this much!

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