Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend off

Yay! I have the WHOLE weekend off! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Ben and I are going to the cottage - cross your fingers that the heat and the water both work when we get there.

Next week brings night shifts. 11pm to 8 am x 2. I hope the person I'm working with is nice - although so far everyone has been so I have no reason to believe that anyone at this place is mean!

Yesterday morning I had my first irate patient. He's been in and out of this ER many many times with abdo pain NYD and has a hate on for all of the doctors. He stormed out before we were finished testing him to head to another hospital for the same thing. I'm generally very sympathetic to people who are distressed/angry because they don't know what's happening with them but this dude was SO RUDE. I just couldn't find any common ground with him to try and explain what we thought was going on. He just wouldn't listen and kept yelling at me. Yeesh.

I also have made some really satisfying snap diagnoses over the past couple of days - herpes zoster and roseola infanatum. Easy things to recognize that are really satisfying to tell people about because it explains mystery symptoms and can be quite reassuring. I've also had a couple of mystery patients who couldn't communicate and we had to work them up for everything. This is satisfying if you can find the source of their troubles and really frustrating if you can't.

Anyhoo, I'm really starting to get into the groove of how this ER works. 2 weeks left.


Ah-Bong said...

enjoy ur weekend! :D

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Yay for three solid days off! That's fab :)

Calavera said...

It's good that despite the anger and tantrums, you still seem so sympathetic and understanding.

Let us know how the twilight shift goes! Hopefully it won't suck all the life out of you.

And enjoy the long weekend!