Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sad news. today, after 6 years of loyal service, my ipod bit the dust. I loved that thing. Huge, white, high tech that became low tech. No click wheel. Buttons that are not too uber sensitive. Ah, ipod, I hearted you and now you're blank and don't have the necessary files to connect to my computer. Sounds like your wee hard drive is fried.

Should I get another? Or is there some new fancy music device on the horizon.

Got back on the bike today after Sunday's challenging times. Bum was sore, neck was sore, elbow was sore, but otherwise ok. Too windy though!


L. said...

iPods are still the best music player out there. Be sure to look at the nanos! They probably have 5 times as much space as your loyal 6 year-old one, and they're awesome for exercising. I got one of the big clunkers with 80GB, and I'm wishing I'd gone with the smaller more portable nano. plus, they come in pretty colors :)

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Wow. It saw you through medicine and then some! It certainly knows the right time to go bust, doesn't it? I wish you a new one in the very near future.

XE said...

I want an iPod soooo bad. The new ones are fantastic, I think they're called Nano... my best friend has one, and I've been borrowing it all week while we've been studying. Definitely on my birthday list. They're not that expensive anymore, only about $150, so I'd recommend that one!