Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How come vacation always sounds so great until you're sitting alone in your living room watching toddlers in tiaras trying to resist eating all the chocolate in the fridge? Good thing I'm going to the movies with a friend to eat nibs while sitting on my ass later this afternoon :)

I'd better turbo tonight or I'm going to turn into a giant lump of chocolate. I'm looking forward to going to the cottage on Thursday and cross country skiing like mad! I wish I had my skis here because we just got fresh snow today. Unfortunately, the thermometer also dropped to -12 last night.. ouch. Ben bought new cross country skis the other day and I'm looking forward to spending some time finally being faster than him for once! I'm sure that will only lastfor a week because Ben never does something without getting really hardcore into being the best at it! Soon he'll be looking at biking as training for cross country skiing not the other way around. Plus, it's a sport that involves tights/spandex/red clothes so it'll be a hit with him.

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XE said...

I have definitely turned into a giant slab of chocolate in the past week.

Good luck with the turbo-ing! I'm going to definitely go running and do some massive strength training tomorrow!