Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sisters in cycling

My town isn't exactly big on women's cycling. Or any sort of winter cycling training. So, I ride my rollers daily in isolation. If I'm lucky, Ben and I train together in the kitchen but he has this crazy endurance-aimed training schedule that involves not being able to do any intervals or talk or do anything fun, so basically we do our own workouts and stare at each other while watching old videos of the tour.

Today I was thinking - wouldn't it be great if a group of like-minded female cyclists could get together over the internet and train together. I envision 4 or 5 female cyclists getting together once every 2 weeks or so and each taking turns instructing a spinning class. I see it being over a skype-type video conference utility where the "instructor" is seen by everyone and what the instructor sees switches between the different people on-line or is a split screen so they can see everyone else at once.

Anyway, this is a pipe dream, but I think it would be good for any of those of us who are lonesome training alone.

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