Sunday, December 27, 2009

Now that I'm married, I get really excited about other people's weddings. My friend wrote me a 2-line email asking for a little advice about planning his up coming wedding - whether to do it in Toronto or London (England) where his fiance is from and whether location has any bearing on citizenship application approval. I wrote him back a 4 paragraph message. Why? Because I secretly want to be a wedding planner. I keep asking Ben if he wants to have another wedding just for fun but he has declined. What a party pooper! So, I have to be contented with helping others.


XE said...

Love the pics!!

One of my friends just finished her biomed degree, and now she's going in a complete other direction and working to become a wedding planner! I must admit, I look through wedding dresses for fun, even though I won't be getting married for quite a while :)

Milk and Two Sugars said...

All the planning fun without the cost? Sounds like you've the best of both worlds! Expect an email from me looking for your thoughts at some unspecified future date.

Gorgeous photos!

Liana said...

Do you have an iphone? There's a game called wedding dash where you get to be a wedding planner. I haven't tried it yet but cooking dash was very addictive.