Sunday, October 01, 2006


I like curry but it never ever agrees with me. I have a very sensitive tummy and I have a psychosomatic tummy too. Whenever I know something sad is coming up I start to feel very nauseated. It used to happen to me whenever I was traveling between Scotland and Canada because even though both countries were something to look forward to, I was also always leaving something behind. Anyways, enough about that, let's talk curry.

I made curry last night for Ben and I and I used Patak's tikka masala sauce. It was VERY good. I made a chickpea curry with potatoes and a few green veggies (green beans and broccoli). It was just as great as take away curry from Scotland. Scotland has very good take away curry due to the large Indian immigrant population. I made rice in our steamer for the first time too, and it was fab.

BUT the best part of the meal was the chapattis! I usually make naan bread or poppadums but we went to an asian grocery yesterday and they had chapattis that can be cooked from frozen. They were SO GOOD. I highly recommend Shana frozen chapattis. All you have to do is head up a non-stick pan and slap in the frozen chapatti. Move them around for 2 minutes, flip and repeat, and eat! I recommend a curry burrito made with a chapatti and some fabulous chickpea masala.

In other news, Ben bought me my birthday present yesterday ( my birthday is next Monday - Canadian thanksgiving) and I LOVE it. He bought me the winter boots I have been drooling over for a month. They are going to last me for YEARS and I've already been proofing them like crazy so they won't get damaged in the rain. They are so warm they were making my calves sweat at brunch today. They're shearling on the inside and I could wear them with bare feet but that would probably stink them up :) I love my boyfriend who listens to what I am yammering on about all the time (not just because he bought me a great present though!).


Anonymous said...

My dad spent 5 years in India during WW II, and got quite a taste for curry. We had it a lot; but the best I'd had -- until finding a couple of great restaurants recently -- was at a place in Vancouver BC. So I think you're in the right country to find some good ones, west of India, that is.

Amy said...

Sid: Hope you come back and answer this: Where? I'm in Van and love curry.

I cheat too. Indian Life has the best pre made naan.

And lastly nice boots! Ben has good taste.

Anonymous said...

I _luv_ the boots! Awesome. What do you wear them with? Skinny inside-the-boot pants? Skirts?

I'm sorry your tummy is still bad. Mine too -- I'm a walking drugstore with my baggy full of stomach remedies -- there's a chewable Ginger tablet made by Gr*vol that I think you would soothing.

--Dr. F, PhD

medstudentitis said...

I haven't quite graduated to the skinny inside the boot pants because ... they're tapered. I think that's a fashion crime so unless it's snowy I'll be going for the outside the boot look. I did, however, wear them with a knee-length jean skirt the other day and it was awsome. They kept me so warm!

I'll have to try that ginger tablet, my tummy is so crummy!