Tuesday, November 28, 2006


What a freakin' shit show.

You know when they put something on the OSCE that you learned in lecture this semester and haven't studied yet that you're in trouble. Yes, I'm the idiot who confused glaucoma and macular degeneration. Yes, I probably failed that station. Were we supposed to know those things for the OSCE? NO.

We were supposed to be tested in the skills and information learned in our clinical skills and our expanded clinical skills sessions. Macular degeneration was covered in neither. Fundoscopy, yes, strabismus, yes, nystagmus, yes, but macular degen, no. I didn't know we were supposed to have studied everything for our final exam that's in 2 weeks before our OSCE. It's fair game next semester, but not this one. I know I might sound like a whiny loser, but I really did think it was unfair, and so did others.

My lady for the sciatic nerve section didn't know her dermatomes so gave me a very confusing picture of which nerve roots were affected, thus I couldn't answer the question at that station. Fuck. This was awful and I feel like crying. I'm going to be an awful doctor.


Nathan said...

I very much doubt you are going to be an awful doctor. You knew enough to know the lady was a poor actor, and perhaps more importantly, the inconsistent picture didn't suggest to you a diagnosis which didn't fit. You're simply thinking more in line with real life than with tests. Most of us do, at some time or another. Chin up, you'll be great.

Milk & Two Sugars said...

Been there, done that, and it sucks. You poor bugger. Hope you're feeling better about it by now.

Not knowing those things does not mean you'll be a bad doctor. But at times like these the only thing that 'fixes' it is a hug, right?

All the best for your study break.