Sunday, December 03, 2006

You know you're going crazy when...

First sign you're going crazy when studying:
You start to read your lectures in the accents of the lecturer. Right now I'm doing it in my head, but I'm sure as soon as I get a bit nuttier I'll start doing it out loud. My medical school seems to have a thing for hiring South Africans - so right now I'm learning about pediatric upper airway obstruction in a lovely South African accent. How come they say trachea so weird? (i.e. Truck-eee-a). It kind of makes me giggle.


Amy said...

I "think" about the organs of abdomen in an East Indian accent. Not that I think of them regularly... but when I have to... then East Indian it is. Oh and determine will always be det-ter-mine. And zero will be gero. Scarred for life by profs with accents

medstudentitis said...

Whenever I think of the phrase "rigid body" (as in rigid body mechanics, not what you were thinking of!) I will always hear it in an east indian accent a la guelph professor dude. Oh, and don't forget quidges instead of quizzes.

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

My anatomy teacher pronounces trachea that way too! Plus, she says stuff like pull-mow-nry (for pulmonary) and you-rhine-airy (for urinary). We're all developing weird accents from listening to her, but we love her anyway.
Enjoying reading your blog!

Milk & Two Sugars said...

Oh, how true! I will forever think of the "prrrrrrree-zentrrrrrral ghyrr-us" thanks to our French anatomist.

PS - you've been linked.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaay Kaaaaate,
Dr. Pheel says haaave a naaace daaay. Heeee says doooon't wooorry soooo muuuuch -- yer gonna be greaaaaat. Heeee hopes you'll stuuudy in hiiiis accent.
Dr. E