Monday, September 03, 2007


I feel like I've been unpacking for the past 3 days (more like 3 hours but I'm dramatic). I didn't know I had this much stuff. At least it helps me put off the whole going to bed alone thing... Although I'm going to have to conquer that demon sooner or later. New house with new people is strange. I don't know where anything is or how we share dishes or where the laundry is or how the wireless works (obviously I've figured that out) and it's pretty lonely. My room is very warm and Benless so I'm not sure i'll be able to sleep tonight. At least I know two of my roomies and I can see 1/2 of my floor... another 1/2 to go! i never knew I had so much crap. It's hard to throw things away that you know you don't need but have sentimental value. I have thousands of cards my grandmother has sent me because I know that someday she won't be here anymore and I'll want to go look back at all the nice letters she sent. But... they're in a box, collecting dust. And the 65 issues of the JOGC and CMAJ that I haven't read... will I ever?


Last night was hell. I forgot how loud frosh week is in the student ghetto. My room is on the front of the house right on one of the main streets where students live. I had to keep my window open due to the very very hot temperatures so I was tortured all night by frosh yelling things like "Amanda I can't find you, wave your arms in the air, turn left, you look so skinny, oh my god I haven't seen your new haircut, I've lost my shoe, why didn't we take a cab.........". When I finally fell asleep after 1:00 I was then woken up a bunch of times. I seriously wanted to kill someone.


Amy said...

Sounds like every Friday and Saturday night around my place. We used to be able to listen to the prostitutes but they've moved down the block so we've lost that station. Now it's just the drunken idiots and crazies that camp out across the street.

Reader said...

This IS your mom reading your blog. Sounds like a looong night at (not so) OK corral.

It will get better.


Harry said...

ooooooh i've gotta do all this in 9 days :S

i'm feeling the heat now...

Cal said...

The Edit to this post made me laugh out loud! Literally!

Aww, some people are kinda inconsiderate.

In my second year, I lived in a flat which was virtually on top of a dual carriage way and a very very major junction through London.

Although the windows were triple glazed, if I needed some air, I'd have to deal with the noise which went on at all hours.