Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Snow Snow Snow!

It snowed, a lot. For our annual holiday party yesterday we had about 15 people from the neigbourhood show up and we pushed out 4 cars. Ben and I had lots of fun frolicking in our snowshoes around the golf course behind my house. We found a lovely tree and decorated it all up, after chopping an ambitious 7 inches off the bottom - I guess the ceiling always seems higher than it is?

Now I'm sitting in my room searching for a place that still has snow tires that fit my car. It's not an easy feat. Seems like everyone else actually got their snow tires before it snowed... lucky them. My Mom just decided this weekend that she wants me to have snow tires instead of my lucky tiger paw all seasons, so, with her as my financial backer, I'm on the hunt. Wish me luck!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

You have your very own car?!?!? Good heavens I'm jealous!

We got completely snowed in too -- the snow is halfway up my thigh in some places now!

Liana said...

Lucky easterners... I wish we had more snow out here.

The Angry Medic said...

SNOW! SNOW? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO crappy B-movie thunder & lightning effects*

I'm stuck in England, which is supposed to be the home of white Christmases, and there ain't a drop of anythin' sludgier than hail. I want my money back!

Heh. Envy aside, Merry Christmas and a Happy Noo Yer!