Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First day

So, the first day was a big let-down. We arrived at the hospital only to discover that everyone is still on vacation and holiday schedules are in effect until Monday. This means that for my whole service (obs/gyne) there is one resident. There are a few clinics and ORs but not many. I'm on gyne onc service and we only have 2 patients. We showed up to our morning "orientation" and the person doing the orientation didn't have our schedules for the day so after the 2 hour introduction (which wasn't anything we hadn't already learned in clerk camp) we were at a loose end of what to do. By the end of the morning we did get our schedules and I discovered that I wasn't scheduled for anything that afternoon. So, I went to the gyne onc ward and basically read the charts of my patients for an hour and then read some stuff and then went to afternoon teaching without seeing a single doctor the whole time. All of the patients were more or less happy and being looked after by the nurses so I was at a loose end. As a first day, it was very anti-climactic. Tomorrow I'm starting the day in surgery - hopefully it's a bit more exciting and I actually get to try my hand at writing orders or something!

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Hope today is much more exciting!