Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to your life

I had quite a weekend. I was on 24-hour call on Thursday and Saturday (my co-student was on Friday and Sunday). Ben came up on Friday night and stayed until Sunday evening after dinner. It was hectic. Thursday night I slept through the night but Saturday was a different story. I slept for 2 hours from 1 until 3 and spent the rest of the time assessing people who weren't actually in active labour but came to L and D because they were excited about having babies and then didn't want to go home. The weather was bad so we ended up with a full house of primips at 1-2 cm. Three deliveries during the day, none at night, and my first 8 cervix checks. There were a couple of very posterior cervixes (cervices? cervi?) that I had trouble reaching and learned some good techniques from the nurses. The nurses I was on with were really great this weekend about encouraging me to do exams because I've been pretty timid about doing them on women without epidurals. This is bad news for someone who plans on doing obstetrics, so I conquered that fear with a little help from my nurse friends. I think sometimes it takes someone else in the room with confidence to give me the boost I need to try something I've never done before. From now on I'll be doing all of my own vag exams on women presenting to the floor as long as it's ok with the assessing nurse/doc on call.

Ben and I had a really good time the time we did spend together. Ben spent Saturday with our friend Amanda when I was on call. Today we went shopping for a new snowboard jacket for Ben and we got him a nice one. I managed not to spend any money, yay! I've found that since i've been away from home i've been spending a lot of money on things I had at my house but forgot to bring here. I think the personal costs of doing rotations away from my school-town are way higher than I anticipated. Hopefully I can be more prepared for the next rotation when I'll be here for 6 weeks.

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