Friday, January 25, 2008

I just got into a post-call fight with rogers wireless on the phone. Basically, every time I access my voicemail from outside my home calling area they are charging me 30 cents. Because I'm on regional rotations, this is costing me a lot of money (around 12 dollars last month alone). So, I called and requested that my voicemail number be added to my myfive. They wouldn't let me do that either (big surprise) so I asked if there was any other way to adjust my plan to not get charged for this. He didn't have any suggestions, so I asked to be transferred to his supervisor. Then, I asked the supervisor what i could do. He told me not to call my voicemail from my mobile. Good one buddy, unfortunately I use my cell as my home phone and would still be charged to call my own phonenumber from out of town to access my voicemail. So, then I got a little bit angry and swore (I'm a bad person, I have a really bad cold and I wasn't in the mood to have this guy be unproductive) so then I told him to remove my voicemail from my account. He then told me that I'd save 6 dollars. So I told him that no, it would be more like 20 dollars because I keep getting charged to call my voicemail. He then told me that I was seeing it all wrong and that he was right. So I told him they had shitty customer service and hung up. He then left a message on my answering machine telling me that I was unprofessional and that I needed to learn how to be more professional on the phone.

Anyway, I'm sure I could have handled it better but I was really really pissed off. My heart is still beating like crazy. I hate my plan. I hate cellular service in Canada (I cant' seem to find a company that isn't a huge ripoff).


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Ugh, I'm sorry that they're being jerky on the phone. I'm with Telus and have had no problems, just so ya know... good customer service too.

Amy said...

I can't believe he left that message. I hoped you saved it and will call his supervisor.

Rach said...

I also had HORRIBLE customer relations experiences with Rogers... Switched to Bell Mobility -they have bent over BACKWARDS to help me. It's been a wonderful experience (I suggest that if you switch to Bell, go into one of their stores. The one I went to was amazing).