Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Monday, another drug company sponsored dinner... last month the talk was about smoking cessation, this time about hypertension. The person talked for WAY too long and I kind of tuned out, but the food was good. After my two glasses of wine I felt bombed, maybe I should stick to one next time. I also consumed a lot of water, which was good. I like drug company dinners, mostly because I come out of it forgetting what they talked about and remembering whether the food was good. I was, however, more motivated to talk about smoking cessation with my patients over the last few weeks. I did not push the product that was being talked about though.

I have been tagged for a 7 songs you like meme by Milk and Two Sugars and Xavier, so, here we go:
1. Waiting on the World To Change - John Mayer
2. New Shoes - Paolo Nutini
3. Little Plastic Castle - Ani Difranco
4. Diagnosis - The Weakerthans
5. Anchorless - Propagandhi
6. Ruby Soho - Rancid
7. Fall Down With You - Paperboys

I've been listening to a lot of my old punk albums while riding my bike lately, hence the propagandhi and rancid on the list. "Fall Down with You" is Ben and my song, will be the first to dance to at our wedding. Paolo Nutini is from Glasgow (Paisley to be exact) and that song is one of my favorite dancing in the living room songs, as is Waiting for the World to Change.

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