Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How many people will I see die alone in my career. Some by choice, some because they have isolated themselves before they got sick from friends and family, and some because those they call to come to their side don't come.

Mrs. Potts was a lady who was given a diagnosis of cancer along with the promise of curative chemotherapy. Her husband was dead and she only had one friend who she really talked to in this world. Her family was estranged from her and she didn't have any children. When she came into the ICU she had recently been given one chemo treatment - the treatment was killing her. She had no idea it was that bad, and she only had 5 days to come to terms with it before she died. With only strangers with her.


Milk & Two Sugars said...

Introverted people who prefer not to socialise tend not to have a support base; particularly when they have become elderly and those they were close to have died or are unable to come to their side. I've had a few very similar patients; very sad. Hope you're feeling a little better about it by now.

Ebuff said...

While taxing, giving some support to those lacking it is an admirable task. Stick with it.