Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So, I went to our local conservation area to do some mountain biking today. I was feeling very optimistic after a bad weekend bike in the mud that ended with some bruises and almost tears. I was timid today because I was on my own and not feeling super comfy on the bike as it's still pretty early in the season. I challenged myself to ride a few things that I had chicken out of in the past. One of them involved a steep descent with a sharp right hander and then some boulders. It took me a few attempts to get through the right hander and then I thought I would just sort of step the bike down off one of the boulders because the line was really good after that. Bad idea. I endo'd and then faceplanted into some bushes. I got up and checked my teeth - all still there, but had a wickid bloody nose and did something funky to my neck. I'm alive but shaken. I went on and rode a few easy sections of singletrack because everyone knows you've gotta get back on the bike, but man, it hurt. What a way to ruin a good sunny mountain biking day.


Jen said...

That sucks about your fall; glad you're ok.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, geeze, you poor thing, I can just imagine it happening. But the point is you were courageous to attempt it in the first place, there was a risk and you unfortunately came up against it. I'm glad you've done no longstanding damage, hope very much that there aren't many scabs to sow for it.