Friday, May 01, 2009

Stage II

Now I'm actively in stage II of LMCC prep. I've finished reading the Toronto notes and now I'm on prep questions. I'm currently doing a USMLE step 2 practice question book because it's well presented with answers to all of the questions. I have a couple of other sites and practice questions but the answers aren't as well laid out.

After this: on to more questions and doing the community health and epidemiology pretest to see if I can learn something about studies and 2x2 tables.

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Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, those prep books are the best things ever. Brilliant both for reassuring you that you're doing well, and for pointing out where any deficiencies lie (for me last year I rocked until I hit paediatric infectious diseases; I mean really, how important is the timing of fever and rash?). Good luck with the study and the stress levels. I'll be thinking about you.