Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The beginning of winter was not a good time for me to start internal medicine. It's my sleepy time, my low mood time, and my most frustrated time of the year. To be frank, adding something depressing to my low mood isn't all that helpful. Coupled with the fact that I start palliative care next after Christmas, doesn't seem very helpful.

In other news, I'm trying to figure out a new exercise regime as the weather becomes more hazardous for cycling outside. The question is: trainer or rollers? Riding Ben's trainer is ok. But, he thinks rollers will help my pedaling technique more. However, I think there's an element of Ben wanting access to rollers in that equation. I am afraid that I'm going to fall off rollers, although tapered rollers are easier to manage. Any advice anyone? I'm looking at you Dr. K.

In other news, I went for a cheer-up visit to the craft store today to buy a wreath for my door - I bought a nice real pine wreath with some berries and pinecones in it and a fancy hanger that goes over the top of the door. I'm really excited to buy our Christmas tree in 2 weeks time (Ben won't let me get it before them because it will die too early).


Dr. K said...

I have both rollers and a trainer and I definitely like the rollers a lot more.

They are far less boring than the trainer (you've got to pay much more attention to what you are doing!) and they do work miracles for both pedaling technique and general bike handling skills -- and you'll notice the improvement in both the next time you are on the road. I also find the work-out to be more intense on the rollers.

It doesn't take very long at all to get used to the rollers either. I don't recall ever falling off them (a few close calls, though) and I just keep a sturdy high-back chair on one side so that if things go wrong I have something to grab onto quickly.

Hope that helps.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Um... Medstudentitis, what are rollers? I haven't heard of them here in this little backwater ;)

XE said...

I too have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

If it's any help to the other dilemma though (aka the doing depressing things in a depressing season problem) my experiences with palliative care patients have actually been remarkably good so far, so perhaps it'll be better after Christmas than you think! You'll certainly be in a position to relieve a lot of pain and help people to have last moments with dignity. Hopefully that'll carry you through to the ever anxiously awaited spring!