Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I start internal medicine today for two months. I am dreading it. I feel this is really my downfall because I'm not a detail-oriented differential diagnosis junky and that's what internal really is. I feel ill-prepared and nervous and I'm not looking forward to two months of this sinking feeling when the alarm goes off in the morning. And, this rotation starts at 7 am, which when I was in med school was the norm, but here in the community is on the early side since everything else starts at 9. This is going to be a shock for my body-clock!

I think the winter blues are coming upon me. The dark dark evenings and lack of time to do outdoor exercise during the week is sinking in again. Bah humbug.


XE said...

Good luck! Hope it's better than you think.

I feel you about the lack of outdoor exercise too... I keep having to skip my runs because it's dark when I leave the house and dark when I get home (and we don't have sidewalks or streetlights where I live, so running at night is a no go).

Rach said...

I'm totally with ya.

Rach said...

btw, my blog went private... if you want an invite, drop me an email

jhawke said...

maybe you'll luck out and end up with a group of people that make internal fun?

or maybe those early mornings will make you so crabby you'll be able to do your best House, MD differential dx impersonation.

good luck. i know those days of faking it till you feel it. : )

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Yeah, not a nice time to begin a rotation you're not looking forward to. Blergh. In come the COPD exacerbations and swine flus... Good luck with it. My experience with internal med is that the registrars do most of the thinking and cop most of the responsibility, so I hope you'll find it less stressful than you expect.