Saturday, November 27, 2010

Going out to do a very challenging mountain bike trail with a group of people who are WAY better than you are on a day when you're getting your period = bad idea. 2 hours in, I was feeling great, I had accomplished more than I could ever imagine, then I went over the bars twice in about 5 minutes. 4 of those minutes were spent lying on the ground trying not to cry (as tears involuntarily streamed down my face) after crash #1. Thankfully, crash #2 wasn't half as bad. Now I'm having trouble bending my left leg because I'm pretty sure I have a big hematoma in my rectus femoris sheath. Oh well. Tomorrow will reveal the severity of the bruising. Thankful I didn't do anything worse.


Milk and Two Sugars said...


Good on you for getting through it :)

FlippinBreatheAlready said...

Yikes! But at least you survived and get to tell everyone you at least tried it