Sunday, November 07, 2010

let's all insult family doctors

I'm working with a specialist right now who is VERY good at what he does, but constantly insults family doctors. Most of his stories revolve around how a family doctor sent him a ridiculous consult or screwed up or gave the wrong med or was manning the ER when someone died. Does he not realize that I'm a family medicine resident? Or does he not care? Or does he not see how insulting his stories are.


Liana said...

Hopefully he realizes that family med is like anything else. There are good family docs and bad family docs.

XE said...

Sorry to hear that.

K said...

Maybe this is his inadvertantly, screwed-up way of telling you some mistakes he hopes you avoid? I doubt he's trying to make you feel inferior... although I've heard plenty of specialists b*tch out incompetence of the "all-inclusive" primary care group: IM, Peds & FM. Unprofessional, I think. Oh, well, he won't be your first or your last. He's just trying to justify his hard work in his own mind.