Thursday, November 18, 2010

It really bothers me when people say it's their "right" to have a child. I believe that it is a privilege to have a child, not a right that I should guarantee every woman who lives in my country. I know that not being able to have children is heart breaking and difficult for many people, but just because something is sad, doesn't mean it's your right not to experience it. There is no right to happiness.

Now, that doesn't mean that I don't support fertility treatments or funding of fertility treatments through the public system. I think that is a separate issue. Would providing single embryo transfer reduce health care costs for multiple premature babies enough to cover IVF? That's where the question lies for me.

The Canadian study Too early, too small released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information concludes that the average lifetime cost for each and every multiple birth baby is $616,800, mostly due to premature birth. 56% of twins and 98% of triplets are born premature.

With Quebec's new publicly funded IVF single-embryo-transfer system, I guess we'll see how things pan out over the next few years.

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