Sunday, January 16, 2011

Teaching Practice

So far my teaching practice placement in Collingwood has been awesome; this is in no small part because my Aunt and Uncle have rolled out the red carpet of hospitality. If I keep drinking wine at this rate, I'll never get any studying done. On Friday my supervisor was gone so after rounds I snuck out snowboarding. Hopefully this week I'll get out night boarding one of the days. The hospital is small but offers lots of opportunity for family doctors to work in the full scope of their practice. The family docs basically look after all the in-patients both medical and ortho and ICU! I'm scared S***less for the first time I have an ICU patient to look after, but my supervisor strikes a really good balance between pushing for independence and having good backup, which is great.

I am also spending my weekends trying to get in some good xc-ski training and bike training and quality time with Ben. This hasn't left a lot of time for cracking the books but I've vowed to start this week now that I have my feet under me. I'm sad that this weekend has gone by so fast.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I passed!

Whew. I passed the LMCC II! One more step (the CFPC exam) and I'll officially be a family doctor! I've been passively studying (reading journals, doing self learning modules) for a month now but need to ramp things up and start more active studying to prepare for this exam. The hardest thing is that I'm going to be away doing 2 months of rural practice during a large amount of the study period. Thankfully, there are some other family med residents who are also going to be there and hopefully we can form a study group. And helpful hints/study materials from those of you out there who have passed it?