Friday, June 24, 2011

ok. the college is really pissing me off now! They still haven't sent the names of the new certificants to the CPSO and there are only 3 business days left until I need to register with McMaster for my new fellowship. No CPSO license = no fellowship!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear College of Family Physicians

I am waiting for my results of the exam to be sent to the College of physicians and surgeons so I can get my independent practice license before July 1, when I'm supposed to start my fellowship. Seeing as the results have been out for almost 2 weeks now, do you think you could please send said results to the college so we all can move on with our lives? Yet again, an example of how much of a waste of my money that very expensive exam fee was that's supposed to cover administration. Website errors, wrong dates, over filled exams, and now poor communication with other licensing bodies. I'm pretty disappointed with my college.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I need to re-certify my ACLS, do PALS and re-cert NRP... this is all very costly and time consuming. My fellowship doesn't specify that I need any of these but I feel like I need them for my own education as I keep hearing that certain ACLS protocols have changed this year. Does anyone know if there's a central registry of ACLS courses?

Friday, June 10, 2011


I passed. Phew.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

So, residency is winding down. Two years has gone by SO FAST. I'm actually getting glad that I'm doing a fellowship. A month or two ago I would have said that the fellowship was a bit of a waste of time and I felt ready to go into practice. Now, I'm glad I'm doing it because I feel unprepared to do all the business side stuff of starting a practice AND if I failed the exam then I'll have time to study and take it again in the fall. The exam still looms over my like a dark cloud and there is still another week and a half until the results come out. Someone told me they'd be out on the 15th - not sure if that was just a rumor. Was talking over the SOOs with a colleague yesterday and feel even worse about them now than right after the exam. I wish I could stop thinking about it but it seems every day someone asks me if I got my results yet. Sad me :(

I need to start thinking about how to pack up and move all my stuff! 2 apartments worth of stuff, 1 apartment, interesting conundrum. Good thing Ben is really low on furniture and his place is a 2 bedroom. I'm tired of moving but we'll probably end up moving out of the waterloo place sooner rather than later because it's ugly and sucky. Maybe we can finally have a place with a dishwasher that isn't named Kate!