Monday, February 19, 2007


My med school has recently started podcasting our lectures afterwards and I have to say, it's awsome. I missed one morning last week due to my inability to get out of bed, and I just listened to the lecture. I have to say, just sitting here listening instead of trying to write things down at an insane speed really added to my understanding. In lectures, I usually have to sit there and I'm trying to hard to write things down so that I understand the notes and get the insight when I go back to study that I don't remember what the lecture was about afterwards. Sitting in my living room just listening, I actually took something away from it. This podcasting thing is genius. Although I won't be able to re-listen to every lecture on podcast, I can put them on my ipod and use up the time on the train or at the gym to listen to a few key ones for understanding. Finally, something useful done by my medical school administration! Hoorah!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

That's awesome!! Does that mean that theoretically I could go onto iTunes or something and listen to med school lectures? (I know - I'm a geek. I'm curious about what med school is like though, and it would be cool to see what the lectures are about).

medstudentitis said...

Right now they're password protected on the website so I think only students at my med school can access them but perhaps in the future you will be able to access them publically. It's a pilot project right now.

The Angry Medic said...

Now look what you've gone and done, Medstudentitis. All my drool's on the keyboard now. You lucky bums! It's a much better way of learning, isn't it? I think you'd absorb a lot more being able to replay the stuff.

My Anatomy lecturer (the dude who runs started doing that for his anatomy lectures, and they were a charm. Xavier, you might find 'em useful too.