Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting used to feeling like an idiot

There are lots of diseases here that are much more common in the native population than in the general population of Canada. For example, Alport's syndrome and IgA nephropathy. These are things I:
a) hardly remember learning about (Alport's we learned in ENT not in nephro)
b) have never seen

Consequently, I don't think of them in my differential when I should, and look like an idiot when I am asked about them in clinic.

The experience of being here is really good. I'm doing a bit of everything. I did some surgical assist yesterday. We had a few gastro-type cases and then there was an emergency section. Mom and baby were both fine, but it was a bit hairy for a while.

I have two roomies here. A crazy french girl from Montreal and a guy from Richmond Hill. They're both dentists and it's great to live with people here. Much less lonely than it could be otherwise. Today I had the day off so I'm chilling and doing some laundry. I'm supposed to be off tomorrow too but I asked the general surgeon if I could come to his clinic - I'm just too bored staying home! Then on Friday I'm doing home visits, which should be eye opening.

Overall, I'm having a great time but also miss Ben at home. I'm not sure I could live up here forever on my own, but I would sure love to work somewhere with a similar scope of practice!

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Dr. J. said...

Just to add to the confusion the patterns between different first nations groups are not all that similar across the country. Here in the arctic for instance there isn't any Alport's (or at least it's super rare). We have a whole other host of weird problems that no one ever tells you much about.....yikes...
Have fun!