Sunday, March 30, 2008

The proposal

It was very exciting because it was SUCH A SURPRISE!!!

I drove back from Kingston Airport to Toronto after my 3 weeks in Moose Factory. As per my previous post, I was really missing home and really excited to see Ben! When I got home he came out and met me at the car in the front of my parent's house. He gave me a huge hug and then suddenly he got down on one knee with a Tiffany box in his hand and asked me to marry him! It was surreal and wonderful. I haven't slept in 2 days I'm so excited. He gave me a small ring so we can go shopping for the real thing. We spent a day looking and found something I like - now we just have to find it somewhere else cheaper! I think I've located a potential winner, so we'll go on the weekend to see it. We've decided on a pink sapphire mixed with some tiny little sparkley diamonds. We'll probably get married in the summer of 2009 after I graduate. Everyone from my class will be getting married then! We'll probably have two things - one here and one in Scotland. I can't wait to be married!


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

That's sweet :) The ring you're going to get sounds so pretty too!

Calavera said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! That's marvellous news!

Do post up a picture of the ring, eventually!

Anonymous said...


Milk & Two Sugars said...


I'm so very, very glad!

izzywizzy said...

I've not long started reading your blog-congratulations on your engagement! The ring sounds lovely and two weddings-how exciting!!

Ms-Ellisa said...


That's the BEST of all surprises one can get...! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying the engagement (and no doubt starting to plan the wedding - at least a bit in your head right??)

The Angry Medic said...

Darn you, Medstudentitis. I was drinking when I started reading this entry, and now I'm faced with the two considerable problems of How To Get Coke Sprayed Through Your Nose Out Of Your Keyboard and How To Lift Your Jaw Off The Floor.


(That being said, I feel so old now!)

Keep us updated, and yes, ring pictures!

dr. whoo? said...

Your ring sounds beautiful! Please post pictures? Congrats to Ben for having the good sense to propose marriage to such an incredible woman! Best wishes for your life together! So happy for you :)