Monday, March 24, 2008

Ready to go home

I've been really down for the past 2 days. I think it's because I'm ready to go home. I miss Ben, I missed being there for Easter with my family, I'm tired of this little green house of blankness. The really odd thing for me is that I have a very ominous feeling, like I'm just waiting for something to go wrong. I'm not sure where it has come from. I can't seem to shake it. Tomorrow I go to Kashechewan. I've been guaranteed that it's going to be an eye opening experience.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

It's terrible being away from your family during the holidays. (Believe me, Thanksgiving was brutal!)

Hope you found some people to celebrate with all the same and that you're feeling better about it today.

Amy said...

Big hugs PKK. I hope that I can help you through the tough times like this when you're here in July.

Dr. J. said...

Good luck.
Stay safe.
Don't walk around alone after dark.
You'll be suprised there are places in Canada like Kash....