Sunday, March 09, 2008


Went walking around with my roomie today. We were originally going up to the Northern (the grocery/everything store) but realised when we got there that it was closed on Sundays!

We then went to this shop that has no sign so I'm not quite sure what it's called. Got some batteries for my camera so now I'll be able to take some snaps and show them when I get back!

THere are SO MANY stray dogs here. Big ones, small ones, huskies, collies, labs, makes me want to take one home... until they start wrestling with each other and making a ruckus! Apparently they have a cull every year of stray dogs because if they're left to their own devices, they'll form packs and attack village children. So, no collar, get culled. Even so, there are lots of dogs with collars wandering the streets!

I'm looking forward to my first full day in family clinic tomorrow!

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Dr. J. said...

Hope you're enjoying the Moose!
I lived in the big yellow house on the corner with a couple of residents and locums and one large adopted dog (subsequently un-adopted at the request of the housing people).
Does Danny still drive for the hospital?? He's one funny guy!
Have a great time there, it's a super place and the x-country skiing is awesome this time of year!
Dr. J.