Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I spent my whole holiday day inside studying :( my roommates spent it going to the beach and drinking their faces off. They are also medical students and also writing an exam next Friday (although I have the additional fun of an oral exam this Friday) - why aren't they studying their faces off? I feel that this is most unfair. The advantage, however, is that they are making me dinner tonight (house taco night). Ben is in Scotland and I am here and I'm lonely. I feel like he's not missing me as much as I am him, but I guess if I hadn't seen my family in a year I might be the same way?


Tiny Shrink said...

I used to be in a long-distance relationship (Texas to East Coast of US for 2.5 years) and I felt like it was always harder to be the person left behind as opposed to the person leaving. Also, we used to miss each other at different times. I'd miss him more intensely at the beginning of a separation, where he would miss me more toward the middle to end.

It's also hard for you if you're studying, which means you can't really distract yourself from missing him (at least if you're like me, because studying was not a distraction from loneliness). Just hang in there!

XE said...

Hope your studying went well!

Yeah, I live surrounded by med students, and they sure know how to party... it seemed very unfair during the year when I was always studying!