Monday, August 20, 2007

I hate it when you buy really cute underwear (see above - and no that it's my body, but of course I look just like that. Picture and underwear from La Senza) and then they give you a wedgie. I mean, why are underwear made that just ride right up your bum, unless they're a thong, of course. So, I had to spend last night retrofitting a few of my new pairs of pants (British word for underwear, much preferable to "panties" in my books) with elastic around the legs to keep them away from my crack. I felt like I was in the '40's (my grandma tells me stories all the time about putting elastic into her pants after they've been washed). Unfortunately, this makes my new underoos slightly less attractive, but what can you do, comfort is queen when it comes to the bum area.

In other news, the move went well and the box spring fit into my new place. It was a feat of engineering to get it up there - good thing there were two enginerds on the case. Ben and I figured out the angles and only minimally scratched the corner getting my double box spring up the narrowest flight of stairs EVER to my attic conversion bedroom on the 3rd floor of my new place. It's going to be interesting living with many more people than I'm used to next year. Once I start clerkship it's doubtful I'll spend much time at home, so it doesn't really matter where I live. Essentially, the hospital is going to be my new home come January. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm hoping to go to a regional hospital for my first rotation anyway. If that happens, I'll be living in a place owned by the university in the small town I'll be doing my rotation in. This will be a major plus for me.

After the moving business, Ben and I came back to Toronto for a relaxing evening and decided to go biking the next day. I finally took the plunge and wore shin guards when we hit Albion Hills conservation area on Sunday morning. We really like the pine forest sections in this park and the areas around the sugar shack (S4 and S5). We rode the route of the August hot nights 24 hour race to see what it was like (there is one killer descent that I would shit myself going down in the dark and would be afraid to walk down and have someone clobber me). I was worried about looking like an idiot wearing downhill pads while going cross country because I didn't want people to think I was some kind of poseur. Well, I can't believe it took me this long to suck it up and wear the pads (which are probably the most comfortable piece of safety equipment I've ever worn, really well made). My ride was so much more enjoyable. I've really been working on my attacking and sprinting so I had my new mantra of going hard for a short time and taking breaks instead of going at 75% and riding whole long trails in one go (I'm more of an endurance athlete than a sprinter - Ben calls me a diesel engine). The two times I fell (once due to a handle bar hits tree incident and once due to a scrappy turn around a bit of trail that fell off on one side - both times ended up rolling down a hill into the woods) I felt no pain. I usually end up getting close to tears at least once every ride because I've knocked my shin or knee so hard on something that the tears spring involuntarily to my eyes and I try to pretend I've got dirt in my eyes. Not so on Sunday. It was really a refreshing ride after the frustrating days of the past. I only came away with a small scrape on my arm this time instead of the huge number of bruises I usually get. From now on, I'm going to be going out there padded up and if anyone feels the need to laugh at me they can go ahead.


Cal said...

SO many entries today have made me laugh! I totally get what you mean about the comfortable underwear, although I make sure to buy underwear that does not ride up in the first place!

My bedroom is also a third floor attic conversion - attic conversions rock.


Milk & Two Sugars said...

You've been so busy, clerkship almost sounds like a break!

GT once gave me half a dozen pairs of underware when her mum (ahem) underestimated the size GT wears. What a great friend!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

La Senza underwear always rides up, but the Jacob ones don't seem to, and they're equally cute. Just so ya know...

So glad that the move went well!

Harry said...

as a guy, I have no idea what that is like. some of my female friends say they find it more comfortable but others say they dont.

not that it's really a comfort issue for us guys (generally) but it's one of lifes mysteries to us.

and dont get me started on the menstrual cycle - who's idea was that???!

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

For some reason the post I just wrote showed up blank at first, but I've fixed it now.

Too bad the jacob ones don't work for you --- they're the only ones that fit perfectly for me. I can't stand the LaSenza ones because of that problem.

I'm moving in a couple of days but luckily my new place is furnished already so I'm hoping to do the whole move in only one trip! (well, a girl can dream...)

medstudentitis said...

Cal - glad I made you laugh. I'm hoping an attic room will be nice and warm from the heat rising from the rest of the house

M&2s - it's nice to get underwear as a gift from others, but only if it's unworn!

Harry - I'm glad you don't have too much of an interest in women's underwear, that might be mistaken as something a bit abnormal. When you figure out who thought of the menstral cycle, let me know, I've got a can of whoop-ass with their name on it.